Dark Magic 2 Lean?

Hello I am new here. Obvious because of the number of posts I have. I used to yo-yo in the late 80’s and early 90’s and remember when I got my first Yomega Brain. I thought it was awesome, and played a lot better then the imperial and butterfly I had at the time. It has been a few years since then and I picked up another brain a few months ago and caught the bug again. Now, here I am.

On to the question. I have had my Dark Magic 2 for about 5 days now. I must say it is pretty awesome. Blows the Metal Drifter I was using to that point away. Anyway, the first few days I had no problems with it at all, but then yesterday I got my first ding in it. Two small scratches, one on each of the rings. Well, I didn’t notice it before but now after it sleeps for about 20 seconds it starts to lean to one side. I don’t want to think that it is my throw because I didn’t have this problem before, and I can throw it to lean to the opposite side of the lean and eventually it will start to lean back to the other direction. I did notice that when I replaced the string today that the halves are not lining up to the scratch marks and I don’t know if the axle is not lined up properly. Is this a flaw in my throw? Do I need to put the yo-yo back together a certain way that I am unaware of? I did a brief search but came up empty other than “work on your throw”. Sorry if this question is beating a dead horse.

Thanks for all the help.


Edit to add: I don’t know if this information makes a difference but I am using 100% Poly strings and the wide bearing. Also, until yesterday I had the string double looped around the bearing (habit from Metal Drifter to make it more responsive) then realized the yo-yo will perform better with a single loop and changed it.

unless it was a really bad ding (like bad enough to the point of causing a significant weight difference in halves) I’d guess it’s your throw.

From my experience with dm2s, they’re pretty much indestructible. Just keep practicing your throw and it should get better.

I have quite a few dings in my DM2. I find sometimes i’ll go a few minutes where my throw is just off and the yoyo tilts more. All I can say is that I know it’s me, and I know it’s my throw.

Practice more. That’s the best option. In fact, it’s just plain good advise when it comes to all things yoyo.

Check if the weight rings are pressed against the plastic fully. If there not press it against a flat surface such as a table until they snap back into place. If they were not separated or that didn’t change anything it is probably your throw.

If you are just trowing the yoyo and watching it sleep, it will precess and tilt after a while. Keeping the yoyo busy on the string by doing tricks will help keep the yoyo more stable as opposed to just letting it sleep.

Work on your throw. Make sure it is straight and strong. That’s what I’ll blame first and foremost.

Thanks to everyone for the replies.

First I want to say, I don’t think my throw is completely infallible. Sometimes when I throw my raider it gets wonky. But 90% of the time I throw it straight. I think that patrickcondon is on to something. I notice this most is when I just throw it and let it sleep. I can correct it by getting it in a mount and rubbing the strings on it to straighten it out. Only very rarely does it affect me while doing tricks. So maybe I am just over reacting.

Sorry for the false alarm. But I did learn that it will probably naturally lean over time if I just let it sit there.

Thanks again to everyone. Also, if you have any tips to help straighten out a throw I am all ears. I’ve had the same throw motion for well over 20 years and yo-yo’s have changed a lot in that time. Maybe my throw motion needs some updating as well.


Everything changes with time. We have to change with it or get left behind.

You also prove that we’re never too old to refine and re- tune our throw. I can definitely say that yoyos have changed massively over when I first got one in 1978. Went from no-tech to high-tech.

Please note that I’m not reassuring you on it not possibly being your fault. 20 seconds isn’t that long of a time for it to start leaning like that.

I’d still refine your throw.