Yoyo lean

I’m a semi new player when it comes to yoyoing, about two and a half months in,but was recently asked by my class to yoyo in front of the school. Needless to say I am nervous.
I made up a small combo, nothing too complicated, to do and have been working on it quite a bit. During this time I’ve noticed that my yoyo really begins to lean on the later tricks and makes them more difficult.
I am throwing a yyf replay, which I’ve heard is great at resisting lean. This leads me to the conclusion that it must be something I’m doing. I know it’s kinda hard to tell me what I am doing wrong without seeing it, but I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so how did you fix it.

Do a trapeze, then move one hand forward and the other backward so that the string is slightly off with the direction of the yoyo, it will start tilting. You may also do pinwheel by missing the trapeze and keep moving the yoyo around, then instead of moving straight with the yoyo direction, do it slightly off direction, it will also start tilting. The direction it will tilt depends on which way the yoyo is spinning and which way you move the yoyo.

Basically, you do that when doing tricks.

A yoyo with a lot of rim weight and low wall helps slowing down the tilting, but ultimately it’s the player who control the tilting.

So first experiment with the basic trapeze tilting to get the feel of it, then try to do the same thing when doing tricks. It’s easy once you get the hang of it.

All of this, and with a video:

Once you get it down, you can do this during the trick to make small adjustments.
Also, once you get things all on the same plane, there will be less tilt, so if you just keep throwing, you’ll get to the point where it tilt’s less and less.

A good, strong throw will help keep the yoyo stable for a long combo. I found Replays to be pretty stable as well. Tilt (in my experience) comes from losing spin/yoyo starting to die out, not being real “clean” with my tricks (especially when I’m just warming up/waking up), and using a yoyo that has no rim weight - which makes it easier to tilt even with a strong spin.

As others said, you’ll get a feel for it when you’re going for a long combo.

Look up the trick “Skin the gerbil” and learn it, practice it a few times a day. The combination of trapezes and rolls will help you practice keeping your yoyo stable.

work on your throw mainly that will minimize the problem. Also, you can learn to control the tilting by performing a trapeze and then moving the string on your TH.

Basically all covered here. Keep practicing having your hands in line during the tricks, and basically git gud

I just kept playing and didn’t really specifically work on tilt, I guess over time, I just naturally cleaned up my technique and the tilt disappeared

Though this isn’t what you were asking for I’m going to say it anyways. I recently just yoyoed in front of my school + some parents (~350) and it is definitely a scary moment. Couple things to remember. Since most aren’t experienced with yoyoing they don’t know when you mess up for the most part, they will be able to tell by facial expressions. Keep it simple to things you are very practiced at. If you are able to put some speed into it do it, also throw in some showy binds or grinds. People love Eli hops! Lastly if you have extra yoyos, bring them! I hope this can help. In general, about your actual question, people here have great responses already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: