Yoyo Kilter 2

I bought a Kilter 2 2 days ago. At first, it played slid and smoth. But now, there are some vibes, furthermore, i can’t take the bearing out of the yoyo
p/s: I don’t have thin lube

How are you trying to remove the bearing? Try using a bearing removal tool (YYF multitool for example) and wiggle it back and forth. Pulling it will get you nowhere. Try to flip it first and check if the vibe is gone. If it is still there, flip the axle. If it is still there, clean the bearing (I use acetone).

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If you don’t have a bearing tool use the butt end of a 1/4 in. drill bit. Wiggle it as you go. Any type of thin oil will work - fishing reel, sewing machine, trumpet valve or gun lube.