yoyo is sometimes a small world

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So I was sitting in a high school office today waiting to be interviewed for a full time teaching job in Grand Rapids, MI. I was talking with one of the other candidates waiting to be interviewed for the Job and mentioned that I was a yoyoer.
He tells me “oh really? do you know Jake Maloney?”
I said, “I don’t know him personaly, but I met him at a contest once. He helps with all the Michigan contests and is sponsored by Duncan I think”

Come to find out he was related, I don’t remember how exactly (possibly an uncle), but although we both traveled hours away from home and met randomly we still both had yo-yo connections. Weird.

Suddenly the yoyo world seems a little smaller. :slight_smile:


I actually talked to someone on the forums and it turned out we both lived in the same city. I was so surprised and excited! Erik Bjork lived in the same city I did! ;D It’s a small world


you guys are lucky :-\

I guess it is kinda cool how there is a yoyo club, national yoyo contest, and yoyo museum in my city though 8)


Now if only it was smaller more often… But the good news is that I’m possibly going to my first meet next month :slight_smile:

P.S. yoyo143, be grateful



so excited for nationals! but its on like 2 months… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I almost convinced my parents to Orlando for Worlds, but it begins 2 days into my school year…bummer


Well I live outside of chicago il, and theres triple crown and il state held there along with some new stores selling yoyos and kendamas. The throwers are around me just need to find them. Along with a club:)


I live in NC, and one of the people that OD’s machinist went to school with was a substitute teacher in my English class.


where in G.R.? I live in the grand rapids area.


I live in Iowa City and there’s absolutely nothing

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Its a charter school in SE G.R. near Kentwood. i live on the other side of the state though.



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Were you at MER? Im from the city that was held in.

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I live about an hour and 45min north of MER. MY car broke down and I couldnt go this year :frowning:
hopefully next though


Y is u kneed skoöl? Skoöl bad, joyoz is bery güd, forgit skoöl :P.