Yoyo Irony

Funniest/Most Ironic Thing about yoyoing.


•A White, Dark Magic

Happy Posting :slight_smile:

A beat minty mint chief

I know I also see those on the BST! Haha at first I didn’t realize it was a colorway…

  • An old “new breed”

  • the big deal

  • Using a counter attack for 1A

  • Not doing whips with a “whip”

  • Playing with a H.O.T. while it’s freezing outside

  • Thowing a “Bear vs. Man” at a bear. I had to say it.

Surprisingly, none of those are actually ironic…

last one isn’t really ironic.

Betting on a player at a contest then losing and they are using the max bet ???

A colorful Atmosphere. Or, a Yellow Atmosphere.

people bet at yoyo competitions? What is this country coming to!?

Keep on using irony incorrectly. Your English teacher must be super proud.

my teacher hates me.

These are oxymorons…

When someone tells you “yo-yo, what’s up”