Funny Yoyo Name Game

Here’s something I thought of:

Let’s play a game where you change the name of a yoyo into something funny. I’ll start:

Dang-ette (Dang)
Stutter (Shutter)

Now it’s your turn. Do as many as you want.

Spud Nick

I’ll change only one letter to make mine, and these models are from my new company, Misfortune Yoyo Company:

Hapless (Capless)
Frown (Krown)
Thief (Chief)

Wooly Armpit …2

This was about to go way offensive lol, I found a happy medium.

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Grizzly Bear Clown Town Peak

There’s no need to change the name lol

Flutter (shutter)
the toe can (token)

OD dingus (dingo)
Paul pitation
Muffin 2
Gone (one)

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Oddly enough there’s a puffin 2 colorway called blueberry muffin.


xagr8 (exaggerate) (xlr8)
Gravy-hater (Aviator)
Echo echoechoechoecho
Mark-mount Classic (MarkmontClassic)
Spitfire (Bonfire)
Neglection (Dymension)


Crappy corn (Capricorn

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Sharter (Shutter)- Cause sharts are funny.

Wooly Momma (Think 70s dirty movie… ahahaha)

clyw Chives

Yomega - pantie Raider
C3 YoYo -ganja Token
YYF - Fruit Loop 1080
MonkeyFinger- Evil Hoe

Stout- Amplified Shout

Whoa easy there!

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Gnargle 2(Gnarwhal 2)


lark mount spastic (markmont classic)

I just thought of a really offensive name for the Shutter that involves switching the U for another common vowel.

The Shatter?

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I was thinking its an “I”