Yoyo injuries


I was practicing some looping the other day and gave myself a black eye…it’s really funny when people ask what happened and I say “I was yoyoing”.


Broke my finger last week


Tell them you were wrestling bears.

If they ask why you were wrestling a bear, tell them it’s because it took your yoyo.

(Owen) #4

I always beat the ***** (Llama) out of my knuckles :stuck_out_tongue:


so true, i also find my self doing eli hops and sheilding my head like its a tornado after the yoyo flys too high

(Waylon) #6

It’s funny how a hobby that a lot of people think is nerdy actually requires some toughness.


How many of these threads are there… And all of them have the same stuff in them… cue PatCon posting picture of his scar on head