Yoyo injuries/cuts!


How do you explain to nonyoyoer’s why your fingers are covered in tape or why you have a bruise above your left eyebrow?

(ChrisFrancz) #2

I guess I am not advanced enough to need protection or maybe it’s just my skin. If I end up needing protection I’ll probably just use…
Yes, these gloves.


I end up having to explain why I wear a glove sometimes

(Alexander) #4

I’ve cut my fingernail twice with the string while finger spinning. I can perform finger spins much more consistently now, but those snags are painful.

5A is also painful on your TH index finger when you first begin. Whenever you throw, the string is pulled against the index finger and can be cut as a result. It gets easier to avoid once you develop a callus.

(????????? ??????) #5

Every time I do 5A, I catch it wrong on purpose so I don’t have to deal with my extreme knuckle pain when I bind


MMA? :grinning:


MMA and playing Congas!