Yoyo Holders

Came scarily close to losing my favourite yoyo today :’(, so now my question is, what is the best yoyo holder available here at YYE?

Are you talking about a case or a single yoyo clip?

Case- any of the yoyoexpert size depending on how many yo-yos you need to store!

Single yoyo belt loop clip- I have the yoyofactory one and it works great for keeping your yoyo with you. However, it is exposed to being hit on things if you sit a lot

In the store, or in general? :wink: I like LegYoyo’s holsters. I have two different styles and they’re both very secure. From the store, nothing wrong with the YYF holster!

I have the same clip youre talking about, and while the yoyo is exposed a little, it is cheep and there arnt really any other clips that i’ve seen that protect a yoyo from being hit on things when you sit down. There really isnt a way to protect a yoyo from scuffs when dangling from a clip, unless the clip fully surounds the yoyo (more like a yoyo pouch), to me though that kinda ruins the idea of the clip, and I cant imagine a yoyo pouch clipped to your side would look very stylish either, unlike a clip which serves its purpose and looks stylin :wink:

On the absurd side, ive been known to use thick leather cuffs as holsters sometimes. Wrap all the way around, caps still shown, and can even fit the superwide.

Only thing i worry about is something hitting the cap. Everything else is covered.

Haha a yoyo pouch would totally look like a robin hood bag of coins haha

I have the Tom Kuhn leather holster, and in my opinion it’s very stylish and cool, plus it protects your yoyo very well. I have mine slightly modified though, I took off the clip and put on a carabiner type clip. If you want I can PM you a link.

Braid some para cord and attach it to some clips along with a S-biner to clip onto anything you want. Plus para cord comes in handy whenever you want to pitch an emergency tent, or fishing. =)