Yoyo heartbreak

What this is simply a thread about those moments when a yoyo that you love gets tragically damaged.
My heartbreak is my super wide unscrewing in a open parking lot and and goin 30 ft in both directions.
I can’t wait to hear your sad stories

I got my Crucial Cupcake at CAL States, and it was my baby. I can’t tell you how much I learned on that thing. I kept hitting it on everything. But it NEVER got dinged!

… Until I was walking around outside and I missed a whip or a bind or something and it tapped the ground just enough to leave a nasty, rugged ding on one of the rims. I was sad for a few minutes, but then I looked at the ding and realized it was actually pretty cool looking and I’ve come to love that ding.

I have the stupidest one. I got my daughter a matsuri gnarwhal and I was like “oh let me cut the string for you…” Dumb me cut the wrong end over the sidewalk and just watched it drop… caught it after the first ding and yeah it bounced… think they are just ano breaks but i maybe threw it 20 times and her 10.

Mine’s not too bad, but it was my first major ding on my DM2 or on any yoyo for that matter. I got a snag that I didn’t notice and when I threw a breakaway it came right back into my metal bracelet and left a really sharp gouge in the metal rim, needless to say I hardly ever wear that bracelet any more. It was so bad I had to take my dremel to it so I wouldn’t cut myself on it.

Hybrid Hitman. First good yo-yo. Took it out of the mailbox, couldn’t wait to use it so I opened it as I was walking back to the house, opened the YYJ box, took the yo-yo out… then it slipped strait to the driveway. An ugly ding on one of the metal rims. My moment of joy cut catastrophically short. Still brings a tear to my eye.

Bought a thunderstorm code1 the moment it dropped on the OD site. Once it arrived, the first throw was outside and BOOM dinged.

I managed to get a orange with black splash unengraved 7075 supernova way back when. Looked exactly the same as the one Tyler threw in the supernova promo. I threw it 3 times, and on the 4th throw, I dinged both halves. That thing was gorgeous too.

Needless to say, I throw over grass for the most part now. I haven’t dinged a yoyo since I dinged my wrath. Most of my throws I only use over carpet.

I was getting out of my car without remembering my mint BvM was on my lap. I got out of the car and at the last second right after I noticed that I dropped it, I kicked the bvm to stop it from getting a nasty ding. My hacky sack skills saved my BvM from a large ding and the BvM survived with a pin prick that barely even breaks ano. You can’t even notice it, that means a lot when the yoyo is black.

That moment of terror I felt before picking up the yo-yo under a different car from my kick was intense. I felt like a champ afterwards though.

Also /inb4 Steve Brown video.

mine’s not that dramatic, but in 1993, I got a Tom Kuhn SB-2. This was the game changer back then, and I loved it, and played with it regularly for a while, until it was lost in a move. I am still convinced I still have it packed in a box in storage somewhere, and would love to find it, but for now, it is lost, and has been for 18 years.

Back then learning new tricks was hard. You had to read printed descriptions with drawings of how to do them. We didn’t have all this streaming video and teaching vids like Andre has done. I have learned more in the last month than I did originally in my first year 20 years ago.

Your most loved yoyos are your most beaten ones ask JRod with his Berra mint Code 2s :wink: . My Zen 4 has practically no ano on the rims due to me hitting it on the ground so many times and letting beginners try it. No big deal I actually kinda like that its beat.

I threw a fit though when I dinged my Purple Mountain Majesty. Made me so mad I wanted to light Walmart on fire.


This is heartbreak.
You dont even know.

Since when do you have to be Mad to want to light a Walmart on fire? I think most people are Born with that feeling.

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Ha ha ha

I remember at PNWR 2009 I had finally completed my collection. I wanted 24 total yoyos. 12 metals and 12 plastics that were all special edition and mint and I had finally done it after 3 years of collecting. I got up and grabbed my case only to hear the sound of clanging metal. Just then I realized I had forgotten to zip my case shut and the collecting started all over

Reading that made me wince. That sucks dude.

Wow, this happened to me this year at PNWR but it was my dear who grabbed my case and dropped all of my throws. None of them got dings though, the ground inside the Seattle center wasn’t too rough.

I was lucky enough to be outside when this happened :slight_smile: