Damaged yoyo on first throw stories

What are some of your horror stories of damaging yoyos on your fist throw :slight_smile: why did it happen (string, smashed something etc…?)

Offstring yoyo gets stuck in ceiling fan. Enough said lol

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Few throws in, brand new CLYW Igloo strikes my brand new One Drop Top Deck that was attached to my yoyo holder, just minutes into throwing them at my local yoyo club.

Had a brand new (thrown twice) Duncan Torque take a tumble down the hotel stairs (outdoor concrete steps) as it wriggled out of my pocket as I was en route to Disneyland. Now it’s covered in pinpricks/craters :slight_smile:

Nothing ever that bad but I did buy a first run painted peak (23) many years ago and on one of my first throws I smashed it off a metal leg on a chair, decent sized ding above the mountain peak.

The only ding that I can ever remember being bummed about.

Got over it quickly and did not baby the peak by any means, but it was still a really sour move. Almost as sour as using white out to fill it in :expressionless:

I have only dinged a yoyo once, and it happened to my brand new Manatee. Luckily the ding wasn’t so bad.

first yoyo i had was a yomega dash, first time i took it outside to play in the open string breaks yoyo unscrews and both parts go spinning across the cement floor. As a new player i was sad for about a good half hour. Until i found the spear string in the shipping and told myself ok nothing i can do now might as well continue playing with it.

Nothing really sticks out to me other than this one time when I let someone use my octave. They threw it down and smashed it into gravel… I was super happy :slight_smile:

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I usually don’t mind dinging/damaging yo-yos, but one stands out recently just because it was through no fault of my own.

I got a brand new CLYW Scout on one of the last releases - Took it home, put it on the counter, and minutes later our cat bats it onto the floor… The kitchen tile floor. It got about several marks all around, but at least it still plays like new lol.

String breaks on asphalt… I now have a aluminum whistling yoyo…

I stepped in dog poop and took my shoes of and then my friend them at me. I was chasing him with the shoes when my brand knew recces joyride fell out of my sweatshirt pocket. It rolled down the street and gained a bunch of vibe.

I can relate to the duncan torque story as I have gotten one as a gift and heard it was good for 5a so I tried it outside and no surprise it flew 5 feet from my hands crashing into the concrete and just kept going bouncing into a wall. never really did recover from that.