Yoyo Get Together in VA?

Ok, So I was thinking maybe I could make a Yoyo get Together in VA. Like, if Anybody that lives in VA would like to come to the Yoyo Get Together, just PM me. It would just be a Fun Day:
-Meet Other Yoyoers
-Try New Yoyos
-Maybe we could have a Mini Yoyo Contest
-Have Fun!

I mean, it would kind of be like a Yoyo Contest, but Without the Contest. We could have a Mini Yoyo Contest if Everybody wants to, but I think it would be Fun!
I was thinking it could maybe be at the Chesterfield Mall of VA. But, that’s just an Idea.
So, let me know what you guys think!

Yes that would be awesome!!!


Oh, lol Sorry. I meant to say Meet other Yoyoers. XD

I know this thread is a touch dated… but…

I assume you can’t drive up to Richmond for the meets that are sometimes held up here? Over at Regency Mall (in the food court) there are sometimes get togethers. Dunno when the next one is but they were held every month.