Yoyo for advanced responsive string tricks

Best yoyo for getting into adavanced 0a, im a fairly advanced 1a player and i want to jump into some serious responsive tricks, what do you guys recommend, deep state? alley cat? or a woody


These are all good choices and here is a list of more in the 0A thread;


appreciate it!!

If you go with a woody (which I highly recommend), talk to @Glenacius_K. He can make you something that fits the sort of 0a stuff you’re interested in trying.

Some 0a throws are better for more stall-based tricks, while others are better for tricks that need slightly longer spin times.

I really like my Spinworthy maple KNack and Spinworthy Bloodcell.


The 0A thread has a pretty comprehensive list but it depends on what exactly you are wanting to do, also.

I’m not the best player, but let me know if you have questions about any of these, they are all set up responsive. The first two rows are small bearing, the next two are slim C, and the last if full C.

I personally prefer slimline, small bearings, and high walls.

Fixies are fun, too, and there are lots of great options around starting with Legend Wing and going up through TMBR and Spinworthy type stuff (or track down a No-Jive).

Edit: Adding list of names.
small bearing (mostly A):
Doc Pop Weekender
Core Co AlleyCat
Core Co AlleyCat 650b
YYF Confusion
YYF Confusion GT

Doc Pop x Rain City Skills Pop Art
Oh Yes Yo x Rain City Skills SK8R (small bearing)
Out of Hand Burner
Basecamp Moonshine 2
G2 Respawn

slim C bearing:
Doc Pop Bolt Part 2
Eternal Throw x Rain City Skills Gamer
Eternal Throw x Rain City Skills Delrin Gamer
TimCo Starfire 2018
Basecamp Moonshine
Basecamp Sherpa

Top Yo Creater
Duncan Butterfly AL
Duncan Butterfly XT
Toybania Thing
Toybania Stoopid
Toybania Thing V2

C bearing:
Recess x Zeekio Quiz
OD Deep State
OD Deeper State


i ended up grabbing a deep state! im a big one drop guy so id figure id start with something i semi know, whats that throw next to the Bolt??? looks like a beauty


Alley Cat by far is my favorite, both versions of it. And YYE just got a restock of the 650b, would suggest grabbing one before they disappear again!


Rain City Skills x Eternal Throws Gamer (second run). I actually like the splash on the first run of this colorway (Space Invaders), but the finish is better on the second run.

I believe they (Eternal Throws) is working on a Gamer V2 design. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like small bearings…


i would like to find one of those, they look great

If you like OD, the Weekender is machined by them, and is one of the best IMO. I prefer it to the Alleycat 650b.

My very favorite; which surprisingly to me has a slim C, is a Delrin with Cabal guts, that @Glenacius_K made.

Edit: My very favorite bearing responsive.


That surprises me too. I’m going to have to send one to Kyle to get his feedback on it one day.

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Metal = Weekender
Wood = TMBR EH
Plastic = Butterfly XT (new version)
Other = Pop Art


How do you like the delrin gamer? Is the gap really sub 3mm with a full size c as YYE specs indicate? How does the yoyo play with a slim bearing? Comparison photos of the gap on the RCS site make the slim c gap look really narrow.

YYT Sage
Duncan Butterfly
YYF Fast 201