Yoyo for 5A

Hey guys, I want to ask you if the C3yoyodesign speedaholic is a good choice for a 5A yoyo

I picked one up a week ago. It’s alright, definitely an excellent beginner 5a yoyo, but personally I prefer the classic. I’ve put many hours into my classic, and it can handle most of my tricks.

So if you’re not a fan of the classic, the speedaholic is a good choice.

Thanks for the reply, and do they both spin pretty long because I’ve only started playing 5A around a week ago

Neither have great spin times but they’ll get you through all of your beginner tricks.

It’s all prefence. Personally I don’t like the speedaholic for 5a, I feel like its to light.
I’m not saying not to try. Give it a shot, it may work for you.

I haven’t opened up and played my Speedaholics I got at Nationals. I think their shape would be good for 5A though.

I enjoy using an upgraded Classic for 5A with a Takeshi dice.

listen to this dude he’s a nationals champion!

You guys… Classic and the speedaholic are my favorite 5a yoyos :smiley:

I really like the speedaholic for 5a, much more than the classic. But tf, why not get both, together it’d be under 20 bucks

Well. Bearing upgrade and pad change.
If he has bearings and pads. Then it’d be 23ish!

speedaholic = $13
classic = $9
9 + 13 = 22

that isn’t even counting a wide bearing for the classic

A Classic(the pink breast cancer one) includes a YYE bearing in the package, so you’d need to either silicone it or use suitable response pads, and you’d be well under $20. But, with the YYE free shipping on orders through the 10th of November, you may want to splurge and see if you can still cram either a CW(I like the Takeshi dice) and/or a Speedaholic in there.

But, if you have bearings and pads(or flowable), then you just saved some money.

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no joke the pink one is the best classic too (hahaha not best playing, they all play the same, but best color.) i should really pick one up but ive been spending too much money on yoyos lately and i just gotta save up.

And what do you guys think about the Magic Yoyo Dark Sprite ? Is it good for 5A ?