I know i have been asking about a lot of different yoyos but bear with me. I was looking at the speedaholic and was wondering how well it plays. Including the spin time and stability.


Compared to higher priced yoyos, the speedaholic has pretty bad stability but has pretty good spin times. However, within its price range, you couldn’t ask for a better yoyo! The only other low priced yoyo I have is the WHiP so of course I was blown away when I first threw the speedaholic. I can do absolutely everything on it! But due to its semi-bad stability, its pretty hard to do long combos and horizontals. And you don’t feel bad about carrying it around as a beater throw because it’s only for $10!


In that lower end price range, there are definitely better throws. If you have to go C3 plastic, I much prefer the Alpha Crash. Just feels quicker and more stable to me.



I haven’t tried a lot of the less-expensive plastics, but will say that it compares moderately well as a slight step down from something like a Protostar. Not quite as stable, good spin times, easy to play with in general. A big step up in quality for a slight step in cost compared to a lot of the sub $10 throws. I would love to compare to the alpha crash, but I haven’t tried that. For under $15, though, you really can’t go wrong.


I have always preferred the Adegle PSG. The Speedaholic isn’t bad though.