Any news on the C3yoyodesign Speedaholic?

Does anyone know when it comes out? I want a 3a pair:p

Tried it out yesterday. Retails for about $15, it’s a pretty good one piece yoyo.
I’m not a big proponent in plastics, but it plays okay. I would say it’s a little too light though.

For $15 it looks nice I have seen a few photos on Instagram but other then that I have no idea when I drops. I am interested in the street date as well.

AzrinRain what did you have in mind for a comparison with another plastic when you were able to throw it? I don’t know any of the specs like I said I have only seen a few photos.

It’s like what would have happened if YYJ made the Surge at 63-65g.
Both have this hollow feel to it, and the spin isn’t exactly a powerful one.
It’s like the Speedaholic wants you to get your combos down quick. It also does not play well with string layers, especially fat strings. It just rubs on and since the yoyo is light, tends to lose it’s spin.
I’d say it works well for beginner - intermediate spinners and looks like it could withstand abuse. But then again, it’s $15 so why the heck not? Looks better than the Surge too.

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Sweet thanks for the opinion! I’ll pick one up no doubt.

@Snafu, picked yours up yet?
How does it compare to other plastics?
Friend of mine is seeking to get one too. He needs more opinions than just a Surge.

I’ll be buying mine in a few days. I have most of the newer plastics so I’ll be able to offer some idea :slight_smile:

it is already in here ! yoyoexpert now !

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