Looking to buy a fast yoyo comparable to speedaholic

Wanting a fast yoyo…

ooking to buy a fast play yoyo I currently have a Speedaholic and would want something with similar playability, but with a greater spin time. It seems like I always run out of spin time when doing combos, and am just interested in buying something that has that fast feel to it but goes a little longer on a pink string.

lemme know what you would buy please!

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Why not the speedaholic max

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That sort of depends on your budget. The Laevateinn look like a metal version of the Speedaholic XX.

Which Speedaholic do you have?

Is it the original injection molded plastic one that costs $10?

Or is it the new machined plastic Speedaholic XX that costs $28?


I would suggest going for a metal. If you want something super fast, I would recommend the C3 railgun, but it may also lack in spin time. I haven’t tried the Laevatein but everything I have heard about it suggests that it is fast and has enough spin time. The yoyo that I have played that I would recommend for fast play with good spin power would be the Aceyo Hypocrisy SE.

Speed play is more reliant on the player than the yoyo, but having a yoyo that feels really light helps in cranking up the speed. If it is too light though, you lose spin time and stability.

You might find some bimetals that can give you that incredibly light feeling while maintaining decent spin power but the majority seem to achieve a more balanced feeling with high stability and spin time making them less inherently fast. The draupnir and humming bird seem to achieve this light feeling, but I have not tried them.

The moebius by offset yoyos is the only bimetal I have tried that really achieves a really light weight feeling while maintaining good spin time and stability. It is harder to recommend this yoyo though because it is really big and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Brandon listed the specs as 58 mm diameter and 45 width, but it has a bigger diameter than my other yoyos listed at 58 and is wider than yoyos I have listed at 45. It is likely more like 59 and 46. If the size doesn’t scare you, then a moebius may be exactly what you are looking for. I have never seen a secondhand moebius for sale though, so it may be difficult to find.

Basically any metal yoyo will get you more spin time. Here’s a few suggestions in the $30 price range that I would consider.

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Like @Hanker was asking. If you’ve got the OG Speedaholic, get the Speedaholic XX. If you’ve got the XX, then get the Max. There is a MAX available for 40$ on the BST now.


Frosted Euclase.

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