Classic vs Speedaholic (5a)

I’m interested in learning 5a but don’t want to risk damaging one of my good metal yoyos ,so I plan on buying a cheap plastic yoyo. Which cheap plastic yoyo do you recommend buying ? I was thinking of either a Yoyojam Classic and changing the response and bearing or buying a C3 Speedaholic but other ideas are welcome too.

I think the surge is a better 5A plastic

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The surge is more than what I’m looking to pay. I just want a cheap yoyo for a start up to learn 5a than I will use better yoyos once I become decent at it.

Edit: I got the severe confused with the surge. The surge sounds great thank you for all the help.

I use a Surge and PSG. I would not recommend the PSG because it is so floaty. I have just been too lazy to detach the counterweight. The Surge is great because it is heavy, so stable, which is what you are looking for in 5A.

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When you are learning you want a wide throw. If you want learning to be easier.
I don’t like heavy throws for 5A. 5A is the only style I play.
I would suggest a metal really but its hard to get one for less then 20 bucks.
How ever they can be picked up for less then 20. The reason I say metals is because they take the beating way better.
So I am not going to say one is better then the other, on those choices you put up, but just look for wide throws that fit what you want. For me heavy is not what I want. I use an Mg with no caps it is light and agile and makes most tricks easier for me to pull off.
Stable yoyos are also a big plus. But that depends on how sloppy of a player you are or how much off plane stuff you want to do.

I have some nice metal throws but I don’t want then to take a beating I want to keep then in good condition. I want a plastic to learn on because id rather that take a beating while I’m still learning.

Also consider the Shaqlerstar. Good weight. If that’s too expensive that’s cool though, surge all the way.

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The shaqlerstar is too expensive but what about the protostar? I know a person who could give me a good deal on one ,would that be any better ? Just a consideration

Took me about 10 mintues to knock the rings out of my protostar, and then cracked the body not long after that. The one I had didn’t handle 5A very well, however I have seen a lot of people use them for 5A so maybe mine was just a bad seed.

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Thanks that will help me decide. Also a similar thing happened to my friend and he contacted them and they sent him a brand new one ,maybe you would want to do the same.

Never understood why people think using plastics because they’ll be dropping the yoyo is a good idea. Plastic cracks, how many times are you going to replace it thinking you are saving yourself money before you realize your metal yoyo wont crack.
Your senseless terror of scratching your toys is preventing you from having fun. Tie a die on something and throw it around.

I suppose I could have sent it back but I got it as an extra in a trade and this was years ago when they first came out. Plus it broke because I was giving it a beat down. lol kinda’ felt like it was my fault.

My friend didn’t have to send his back he got to keep his old one and got a new one,69739.0.html
Cheap GM2,60116.msg630425.html#msg630425
Cheap metropolis and trap xl,43159.0.html
You could get a surge and flipside for cheap here

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You can get one of a few metal Magic Yoyos that play better than any of those plastics for less than the surge. If you have a few more dollars to spend then you could get any of Magic Yoyo’s models. They play extremely good for the price.

Plastics r good to start though because they r much less painful then metal.

When u get good enough though I agree a metal is better.