Plastic 5a Yoyos

I am interested in 5a And i want to get a Plastic yoyo to start out.

get a protostar

Im Trying to stay within a 20 dollar budget.

Get a protostar on the bst or a freehand if you want something new.

What’s the BST?

I would suggest the YYF Northstar. I personally like it more than the Protostar and can be bought on the BST for around your price range. I have 2 for sale right now actually(although I might have to keep one for 5A). Send me a PM and we can work something out if your interested.

If you haven’t figured out yet the bst or buy/sell/trade is a board where you can buy sell and trade used uoyos

My parents want me to buy from actual websites(not bst vendors) Example: Amazon,YYE shop, Ebay,etc.

I think I know where you can get one for your budget now that I think of it. Although if you buy from someone here on the BST you should always use paypal. It has buyer protection so if your ripped off PayPal will force the seller to pay you back.

Anyway…Keep Voting!!!

I really recommend the Lyn Fury though you would need to buy a counterweight separately or make one on your own. The FHZ, though it comes with a counterweight, would require some extensive modifications to bring the best out of it. It doesn’t play well stock (to me at least).

They’re okay with ebay, but not the b/s/t? that’s strange
I would go with a PSG or an Asteroid

I would just save up more money, but if your dead set on 20$ then really you have to get something for 14 bucks or less because there is shipping costs. Plus if you don’t have a counter weight you will need to order one.
I don’t know what you already have but you may need string, lube, friction stickers, or silicone. 20$ is going to be bare bones.
On the bst you could pick up some crazy good yoyos with minor 5A/3A marks for close to 20 bucks. too bad you can’t use that part of the forum.
For that price I am unsure what you can order and have shipped to you, but a freakhand, or a fh2 will come with counter weight recessed response and I really like it for 5A play, how ever it is not really that great for 5A play. I love playing it but I like to be challenged, what you want is a very stable yoyo, with a fairly large gap. Good luck on your choice, but what you have I would say a freakhand/fh2 is your best bet.

YYJ KickSide. Better for learning

I have string, lube, friction stickers, and silicone and waspnest counterweights. BTW i have extra money for shipping.

You could get a YYF Die Nasty. Ive seen a few for sale here for $15 mint and in stores for $25(sometimes cheaper if you shop around)

For a complete set-up, the YYJ Pinnacle and is under $20

Someone won Worlds 5A with a Lyn Fury. The Adegle PSG might be another option. SpeedMaker and Kickside also come to mind. You do need to add counterweights.

The Duncan Freehand 2 and Freakhands are other self-contained options.

The One and Whip are too light in my opinion. for decent 5A.

I’ve been doing 5A on a FHZ and a Dienasty(glow). I like the Dienasty better but I like C-sized bearings over A-sized bearings. Preferences.

what is it with you guys and the YYJ destiny ?

it’s by far the very best beginner 5A throw out there

The cost. Mainly at over $57, it’s more than I want to spend to learn 5A for something that is, at least for me, gonna get beat up pretty bad. I think the YYJ Pinnacle would be a better beginner 5A, mainly to build basics ad confidence. Plus, I’m sure a lot of beginners DROP their yoyos a lot here and there, so again, one feels less bad about beating up a inexpensive yoyo. I do think the Destiny is a very logical upgrade.

I just got a yye box in the mail with a pinnacle in it; it’s sitting on my coffee table. I’ll report back with my findings! (… After this nap!)