what is a good yoyo to start 5A?

i need a good 5A yoyo that would last for ever. i was thinking about tyler or miguels signature yoyo. any recommendations?


or a YYJ Destiny

I haven’t tried them but they are supposed to be great at 5a.

Right now I am using a delrin severe which isn’t good for air type tricks in 5a

I’d get a yoyojam Classic, siliconed with a full size bearing. Cheap. Plastic so it will be more durable. And last but not least cheap haha so you aren’t worried about messing it up, and you will with 5A, trust me haha

I second the classic. It’s cheap, durable (this is important), and from my experiences as a 5a player, it’s an easy yoyo to learn 5a with.

I just use my YYJ Dark Magic that I started all of yoyoing with… I do however also like integrating hubstacks, so I have begun to use my stacked YYF Genesis and it works as well.

But for just starting definitely something made of durable plastic, but still a decent yoyo that will spin decently (the YYJ Pinnacle is not the best, yes it’s durable, but it doesn’t spin too well.).

Personally, I’d just buy a beater off someone, just a cheaper metal yoyo that’s already dinged up, and you don’t have to worry about ruining.

I use a Protostar for 5a. I haven’t tried 5a with a classic yet.


but if the that yoyo hits the ground hard enough, the weight rings will fall out.