Looking for Feedback on my 5A!

Hey guys!
So I just wanted to document my 5A for reference in the future.
But be that as It may. What do you guys think of my 5A?

I Want all of the feedback possible!

Best advice I can give you is to shorten your string. A LOT of top 5a players use a very short string, as it makes controlling both the yoyo and the counterweight easier to control. It’ll feel awkward at first but try to stick with it for a little bit.

Other than that, it was pretty good for a beginner. Some of the movements weren’t very graceful (shorter string would help), but hey, you’re a beginner.

Indeed haha!
It is hard to bind on a YYJ Classic for me with shorter string.
I’ll give it a Go though!
What did ya think of the actual tricks?

First off loved the Japanese metal. Second the classic is a fantastic 5a so good choice. and third that was not bad maybe a little fster but thats about it just keep practicing.

Ps it dosnt take much 5a to impress ppl :slight_smile:

Japanese Metal. Is Everything perfect in this world.
And I Shortened my string. It is definitely easier to move quicker.
And the Classic Is the perfect 5a Yoyo indeed.
Its the best cheap plastic on the market.

Get the CW moving more ! And Try a Surge with thin shims for 5A it’s perfect! Matches up to the Classic IMO just helps with spin time.

Thanks :slight_smile:
And after I posted this, I found a way to do some of the tricks in a more… 5Aish manner.
Thanks to Jakes advice :slight_smile: