How important is string for 5a?

Hey all. I’m trying to learn some basic 5a tricks, currently using a zipline nylon blend of string, but I’m noticing the slipperyness makes it difficult to do certain tricks. Does anyone know if polyester string is more ideal for 5a due to the increased friction? Or do I just need to get good? Thanks!

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Shorter string wants to slip more on binds. You can:

  • Adjust your binding technique to accommodate for having a setup that wants to slip more.

  • Use a longer string.

  • Change to using a thicker string.

  • Change to softer/grippier response (RSOxAtmos saturn Pads, Hollywood soft pads, flowable, etc.)

  • Use yoyos with more narrow gaps.

  • Change to a fresh string (assuming your string has been broken in and played for a while, a fresh string will bind better)

What you do is entirely up to you. String matters for 5A in the same way it matters for 1A. Some players do lots of slacks and care deeply about how their string plays. Other people barely do any slacks and don’t care about the specifics of a string beyond how it feels to the touch. Some people just adjust their techniques according to how the string moves in that moment, and don’t obsess over string at all. There’s not a right or a wrong choice here. Is nylon a bit more slippy on binds? Yeah, but if it’s what you want to use, you don’t have to swap.


Sorry I meant to say it’s slippery on my fingers. In particular I’m trying to learn the reverse bee sting and the tutorial says to keep the yoyo close to my left hand, but it’s difficult because the yoyo slips away from me very easily. Trying to figure out if this is a skill issue or not.

That’s a skill issue in regard to yoyo/counterweight control. Swapping to a rougher poly string isn’t really going to help in this specific instance.


It’s very important! If you don’t have a string, you can’t do 5A tricks. Hope this helps!


I personally love nylon blend over full poly string for 5a. That slipperiness actually helps me land tricks. Just gotta get used to it i suppose.

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You MUST use string when you throw 5A.
It works pretty good.

Generally I would use a softer and thicker string (maybe OT fat?) to compensate for the string burn on your fingers as well as the reduced response from the shorter string. If you use a glove it won’t super apply to you but I would still recommend a softer string.

Your skin will thank me later!

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I do generally avoid nylon though, it stretches a lot which can be disorienting and weird when doing a lot of flourish counterweight stuff…