string for 5A???

Getting into 5a and I’m using the string that came with the takeshi dice but was wondering what do other people feel is a good strong to use for 5A play

Dudn’t really matter. Perhaps a bit thicker if you have a shorter string. Once again:
Dudn’t really matter.

Me being a semi experianced 5a player, I trim about an inch off my string and I just use whatever string I have so normally nylon

Short, thick strings are what I use. Short strings give you more control during most 5a tricks, and thick strings help you bind better with short strings.

With the yoyo on the floor, the top of the counterweight comes up to about where my pocket is on my jeans. If you cut your string that short, the first couple of days of playing 5a will feel pretty strange, but it really does make learning tricks a lot easier.