5A string question

Hi everybody I just recently started doing 5A and my friends in local club have stated that my string is too long I currently run kitty 1.5 at full length but I have hard time learning any of the basic tricks and my friends have said its because of the string so my question is what is a good string length for 5A and what type of string is good for 5A I only have at home kitty nylon 1.5 and YYSL ammo thanks for the help also I will be competing in a 5A contest next month friends talked me into it lol

I don’t throw 5a but its still all preference. Obviously a shorter string is going to play easier. I believe most play their 5a strings few inches longer than recommended 1a. 1a recommended length is belly button but I play my fat kitty’s full length. Experiment. Try one a few inches above belly button. See how it feels. Compare it to the full length. See what feels good to you.

I subscribe to the Miguel Correa school of short strings for 5A. I go between the top of my belt buckle and the bottom of my belly button. I’m 5’ 11" for reference.

My opinion would be to not use full length kitty, take at least a few inches off. you will have much more control over your tricks and it will be significantly easier to learn. sure, with longer string you can do a bit more with more intricate tricks but honestly i wouldn’t worry about that at all. its not worth the added difficulty of longer string.

Yeah use short string.

I decided to try full length after doing 5a with short string and tricks were difficult on long string.

So use short string.

Short, thick string.

I use the exact same string and length as for 1A (YYE poly, ~1 inch or less removed).

At least shorten it a bit. More than 1A. Way more if you play with Full Length Kitty.
Then get used to it.
If you want a more tech like style like Ryota Torigoe (look him up if you can) you could stay or lengthen the string just a bit next time…
Its all about experimentation…
Shorter string would allow for easier control over tricks where one hand is doing all the work.

It usually depends on the weight of the yoyo nd counterweight but the string should definetly be shorter than full length. Common knowledge is that usually the horter the string the faster you play and this usually applies with all styles. For a beginner, I would recommend 3’6" or less but under 3’ will most likely cause you to lose control.