String Length


So I’m wondering what people’s ideas are on string length. What are the pros and cons to shorter strings vs. longer strings? I’m trying to find a length that I like at the moment. Started using a longer string but it has made some tricks more difficult. Switched back to shorter, but now I kind of like the longer…


So with my experience shorter makes it easier for horizontal and fast tricks as longer string make it easier for tech


I like an uncut stretched kitty


Honestly just experiment, it’s generally different for everyone and it depends on your specific style of yoyoing


Yeah like I like long strings for 1a,4a,5a for short strings I like 2a, and 3a


I actually always use really long string for both 6a and 8a. For 2.5a; I mainly use string about 4.7 inches long so I don’t need to bind at the end of a 7 minute combo.

And for 10a; I use fire-proof string and wear welding goggles.

(yospeedracer) #7



Yeah makes sense…10a is the best…
Wish I had a 7 minute combo…