5A string lenth


As title do you play with shorter or longer string when you play 5A? And what’s the ideal string lenth for 5A playing?


I don’t really do 5a but I would think you should use string a little shorter than 1a but longer than 2a


I just use a normal string.


Just started 5A and I’ve been wondering the same thing. I suspect this is going to come down to being a preference thing so I’m experimenting to see what I like.



I just use the standard “floor to belly button” length. For 2a I go shorter, and 1a longer.


For me, even though I’m not in anyway experienced with 5A, but whenever I’m fooling around, I find that shorter string is better. In my case, I tie a regular loop like I would in 1A, but then I cut it off and tie a second loop that I will attach my CW to.


i play my 5a string short. its easier to maneuver, but it is faster.


Just play with different string lengths. You will find something you like eventually.


doesn’t matter, play it like you like it. You may find it a bit easyer to use short strings depending on what you are trying to do.
Basicly short strings = more control.
longer string = more room to land tricks with.
up to you too decide what you like best. I actually tie my strings long but then do a weird weave of my string into the counter weight so I can use shorter strings when I feel like it and with a couple twist’s of my counterweight I can use a longer string.


You know, I never thought about this. Now that I think about it though, shorter is probably better (for me at least). I never have control over the CW, which has honestly started driving me away from the style. With shorter string though, I think that problem can be solved…