Yoyo for 4 year old.

Howdy ya’ll.

I’m looking for a yoyo for my 4 year old daughter. It is literally just for gravity pull. So, something that is crazy stable and forgiving…and absolutely responsive. I’ll double or triple up the string on the axle…

It doesn’t need to be crazy cheap…but within reason. She has an Imperial now, but I think something a bit heavier or more rim weight might be easier.


My first thought would be a YYJ Classic with the slim bearing and a tonne of thick lube but it might be a tad big for a 4 year old hand.


I hear the Cliff has some good rim weight??? Try that man…

Butterfly XT


On topic I would say to try a popstar with a slim bearing. Put some thick lube in it. It is small for a little kid and is pretty stable.

Best of luck!

If you go that route, then maybe an aoda littles, cheaper and a little smaller.

a duncan flying squirrel

All these are to advanced. Go for a Reflex or Yomega Brain. They come back up automatically. Cut the string and your good.

I’m with this guy. I’ve given a Brain to a four year old girl. It didn’t make any difference. And I think the Reflex is just an awful yoyo.