Yoyo for a 4 year old


My little brother, who’s 4, would like to start yo-yoing. All my yoyo’s are too difficult so I would like to get him something easier.

I’m considering the Proyo, but I wondered if there was anything else that might be good.

I’d like to spend less than $15.


Yoyojam classic

Its cheap and really really good. And once he gets better, just swap the bearing and pads and it will be really really good. Its also plastic, so he won’t hit himself and be discouraged.


Its huge though

I would recomend using 25$ and getting a maverick, u can switch out the bearing, it looks awesome, will last him forever, and is metal

(kclejeune) #4

I’d get a surge. And thin and thick lube. That yoyo can last him all the way to the most advanced of stuff. With lube it’s a bit over budget, so I think a classic could do also.


Its still big! Hes 4!


Maybe he’s a giant…
If your concerned about size, get him a minister, you can find em anywhere and there cheap :slight_smile:
Jk… I’ve never played one, just seen one.


I don’t think the size of the classic will be a problem. Small hands might not be able to wrap all the way around the rims, but you will be able to get a good grip more towards the middle.

Getting a yoyo with a small gap is quite important in this scenario. Not only because the yoyo will be to be responsive, but also because a four year old will have to use a short string, meaning that binds/winding won’t be nearly as tight in a larger gap. The thinner the gap, the tighter the binds. Very important.




Giving a high maintenance metal to a 4 year old is not a good idea… Go with the YYJ Classic.


How about a YYF One? It’s an undersized, responsive, plastic. And it’s pretty cheap.


High maintenece?


Duncan butterfly.


I 100% disagree.
I do agree with J Singh 2K, the one is a good choice.


I would say something like a Classic, which I started my son on, or maybe a Duncan Flip Side. The only problem I see with a Duncan is the slight parts explosion that comes with opening them which could lead to lost spacers. You are definitely on the right track, something inexpensive to start with is a good way to go. Let him grow into it and then you can get him a higher end one later.


Hmm… what about a YYF Velocity, good thing about it is that you can actually pick one up from your local Toys R US usually. :wink:


I was thinking of something that’s fixed axle. If he can actually throw a sleeper then maybe a classic otherwise the proyo would be fine


I think go with what people have already said and get a Classic. I don’t have on myself but from what I’ve heard it sounds like a safe bet. It’s plastic, cheap, plays really well, and once he gets better you ca swap out the bearing and response and he can continue on with it.


Thanks for al the advice! I think I’ll get the YYJ Classic.

I don’t want anything high-end (he’s a bit rough with things). I’ve already got a Surge (It comes unresponsive and is way to large for him to use). And the closest Toys R Us is 2 hours away, so I think I’ll just order the classic along with my next YYE order.


The surge and classic’s diameter is nearly the same, so it will be as big as a surge


Reflex my little bro started on it