Yoyo factory support response time?


I was wondering if anyone has any idea of how long it normally takes yoyofactory support to respond to emails if anyone? If anyone has any idea it would be great thanks!


if they don’t respond in a the same day or the day after, they likly missed your email some how. I have contacted them in the past and they always respond right away. I suspect if you send it during buisness hours they will respond almost instantly. Your may have ended up in junk mail or something like that. I would just go ahead and resend it if they have not responded with in a few days.


ok thank you!


I send an email asking if they wanted me to supply a feed to their camera for BAC. Within 24 hours I had a polite response saying it wasn’t necessary and that the offer was appreciated. While not customer service, it was still a quick response. Do realize that things can vary based on unknown variables, so anything 3 days or less is typically something most would consider reasonable.


I’ve had responses ranging from 1 day to about 2 weeks (around the Worlds period).



I have sent about 3 to 5 emails to yoyofactory and I have never gotten a responce back from them. I don’t know if they are just too busy or what the problem was but my questions went unanswered. No hate towards them but just stating facts.


Depending on how busy they are or if there are any events coming up, mileage varies. But on a normal work day, they respond to me almost immediately if not the next day right at 10AM. I’ve emailed YYF many times regarding faulty product and maintenance issues. Their customer service has been excellent from what I’ve experienced.


I got the email alert when this topic was made, saw the responses added 1 by one.

I dont answer our customer service email but if its super urgent I can usually help.



Wow! You can’t beat that for personal service.

(Waylon) #10

I can’t say enough good things about yyf customer service. It’s outstanding.


there is one thing to consider. Those are not big companies, even the biggest yoyo manufacturers are fairly small (maybe less so with Duncan or Yomega tho)

so if there is a major event going on (like as for lately, US nationals), it’s more than likely that they will be at the event, probably doing plenty of stuff other than replying emails.

so when I don’t get replies from manufacturers, I try and check if they might be somewhere and busy, and I try again a few days later.


Incredible service. I’ve had a conversation of about 4 emails in a day concerning a faulty product. :slight_smile:



They must have just missed the email as was said! Almost immediate response after I resent it, thanks for being awesome yoyofactory!


Hey Ben:

Awesome performance at Nationals for 2A, by the way! Nice to see you not only MAKING yoyos, but still actively throwing them down and doing a great job at it. 7th in the nation for 2A ain’t bad in my opinion!

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YoYoFactory is still the only major yoyo company owned and operated by yoyo players.


the “operating team” (as opposed to the competing team) has one of the brightest community members around such as Steve and Seth for example.

They’re the ones with the biggest dream and the ones who are the most likely to achieve it.