where is yoyofactory located

I ordered a new dv888 from yyf last saterday and i want to know how long it will take to get to me i live in maryland but i dont know where yyf is dose any one els know

YYF is based in Arizona

YYF is in Arizona, but I doubt you bought directly from them, you probably bought it on YYE, which is based in Massachusetts.

thx now i know how long it might take

While you’re waiting take a few hours to brush up on your grammar/spelling. My God.


This is the moment when I wish the YYE app would allow me to thank a post…

Don’t worry I got this!

If you’re doing a return/warranty type thing between yourself and a company, it’s best to first allow reasonable transit time, then an additional 10 business days for a company to handle the request, then reasonable return transit time.

When I had to deal with an issue with Duncan around Worlds 2012 last year, it took them about a month to really resolve my issue. They were very polite about it. Fortunately, I was aware of the situation and was sympathetic and understanding of their situation.

Yoyo companies in general seem fast to handle customer service issues. My experiences with YYF in general have been positive but I haven’t need a replacement service done either. Regardless I expect things would be handled promptly unless it’s around a big contest time(BAC, CalStates, PNRW, Worlds and many more contests).

Haha right!