Yoyo factory Shu-ta review


So a couple of days ago I got a box in the mail containing this little gem:


I have always loved the shutter, it was one of my first metal yoyos, and I always thought it was great. When I heard about the shu-ta a couple months back I dismissed it. I was still relatively new to yoyoing and I just thought the shu-ta was just a more expensive shutter with shu’s name on it. Boy was I wrong.

Diameter - 56mm
Width - 43.96mm
Gap width - 4.75mm
Weight - 68.1g

No doubts about it, this is a heavier yoyo. Not quite as heavy as the replay pro (69.2g) but close. This is definitely not a yoyo that you would want to learn a Hiroyuki Suzuki combo on. That being said, it can play at a reasonable pace if you push it. The 7075 aluminium allows for a lot of weight on the rims, and I feel this model spins longer and is a little bit more stable than the original shutter. This yoyo has been able to hit every trick I throw at it with spin time to spare. The finish is a nice (blasted?) finish that is pretty good for grinds, although finger spins are not as easy as these new fangled finger spin yoyos (those are great), but it works.

I will not be able to comment on the package because I received this secondhand, but I assume that it is the standard yoyo factory box that we are all guilty of having a drawer filled with stacks of them somewhere (I know you do, don’t deny it.) I cannot comment on the response either because mine is half-swapped but the combo of one red pad and one blue pad works for me. The bearing is just a standard center track that seems to come in every yoyo these days. Center tracks are hit or miss for me, sometime being nice and quiet and sometimes being so gritty even acetone won’t smooth it out. The one I got in this yoyo was great, I messed it up when I took it to a lake in Wyoming (long story) but until I took them fancy pics the bearing worked fine.

I feel like this yoyo is a pretty good improvement over the shutter. The shutter is a great yoyo already (please don’t erupt into horizon vs shutter arguments) and the shu-ta just does it better. It spins longer, more stable, and being 7075 aluminium you can whack it into the mountain (trust me, I’ve done it) and the scratch just breaks the ano. I feel like this is a great yoyo to get if you love the shutter and you want to spend a lil more. One downside to the shu-ta is it’s not the fastest yoyo ever, but that’s ok for me. If you see a cheap one on the BST, buy it. If you can find one in a store, buy it. It is a great yoyo, and a blast to play with!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The Shu-Ta is a yoyo that has captured my interest since I discovered modern yoyo.