YYF Shu-ta 2

I just picked up a Shu-ta 2 from the good guys at YYE. The one with the finger spin caps.

I just thought it was a cool concept, I like the shutter and I like fingerspins. It was just sitting on a desk and no one could recall where it came from. I couldn’t really find many details online about it. I was hoping for a little history or details about it and the release. Did it not go into full production?

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Mystery box only release as I recall from reading here.

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Thanks Jeff, I figured that was the case. I was able to get a silver/gray colorway and it looks great. Do you knkw if it is 7075 like the original Shu-Ta

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Nope. Plain old 6061.

It’s a classic case of releasing it properly the first time, then bringing out a nerfed sequel.

Another example was the C3 Radius. It was a 7075 $130 masterpiece. The Radius nexus is a cheap, large 6061 model.


That makes sense:wink:. It is actually pretty cool all in all. The classics shape and feel of the shutter but with some awesome finger spin caps. It is more of a novelty though. Its fun to land a fingerspin and walk around talking like it’s no big deal.

What would really be cool is a Wide Angle with a cap just in the center recessed area. That would be a wicked fun yoyo.

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I still think an updated tweaked bimetal shutter should really be a thing.


I agree totally. I think it could be a fantastic bi-metal. I would really like a fingerspin dimple of some sort. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker though.



:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:



By that picture, I like Gentry Stein’s idea of weight distribution.


rings placed like an average bi-metal, except with aluminium legs to make it easier to catch without going too unstable

Like Lieutenant Dan?..

Oh I think those were titanium alloy…

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I wish they would release the shu-ta 2, it looks fun
Currently praying they got it in the may gentry b grade sale.


I just got one from Gentry’s site

they only had 3 total, thats a big oof

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