Yoyo Factory Firedog review

Okay so here it is a review for the new $5.00 Firedog from Yoyo Factory. I got this one because I was curious of the one piece how it would work. Now first thing looks it does look pretty sweet. Feel in the hand it’s kind of weird at first just like any new yoyo, shape is really skinny. I believe it was meant to be a looper, but neither my friend or I could get this thing to loop for the life of us. But it does sleep alright though. So if your looking for a beginner looper sorry this isn’t what your looking for. A very simple 1A maybe but very simple. I did a 1 1/2 mount off of it, but no for real tricks. Out of ten I give this yoyo as a looper 2 but as a yoyo 4 not that great but helps pass the time away.

erm can you loop with any other yoyos(I can loop with my dead unresponsive meteor without a knot)? Or is it just the Firedog? You have to tell us that ;D I seriously don’t believe that YYF Failed at this yoyo, i believed that it would be a great looper. :-\

How on earth do you loop with a dead unresonsive yoyo?!?!?!

Yes I can loop with the loopers and an unresponive with a knot plus you can’t compare a looper to an unresponsive with a knot. And it could have just been these two that I have, but these things don’t loop. But they would be good for the fast challange.

Yeah. I bought that yoyo also. I’d give it a -1. :smiley: Sounds weird, I know. It can’t loop for me because of the starburst is in my opinion, a little less unresponsive than O-Rings. Plus, the non-take-a-part or a gap that you can’t fix is bad too. I think it was made for like the Beginner Ladder for competitions.(i.e. Walk the Dog, Sleeper, Rock the Baby. Stuff like that)

I hope they have some at Redondo Beach,I want to try them.


I’d say just barely. If it snags at the LAST millasecond, you might, but I would really like to see that. I know what he means. :wink: