Yoyofactory Loop 1080. My first review.

I’ll start with my skill on looping. Its good. Nearly a year I’ve been doing it 30 minutes a day started with Yoyofactory Loop 808. Then in January 2015 got a Duncan Pulse. So with both I did pretty good. Now I can do both inside and outside loops. Little bit of hop the fence. And some combos like time warp or what I made.

OK now to the yoyo. Both I was using are good even now but because they are response system they are inconsistent. Like when i put in new response its too snappy then In middle its great then unresponsive.

That’s why I wanted a starburst one too get that consistency.

That’s what I got with Loop 1080.

Playability or how does it play

From what I have compared to them. Its not heavy nor light its in middle.

The key system is great. As if I wanted it to be just bit more snappy I can do that easily.

Its really consistent as in you can do long looping combos without tension of it wobling yes it technique but this helps.

I have set it at where it sleeps but is snappy too and used with 50/50 string and thick lube.

And because of the key system if you want it too loop upwards its easy. Or opposite.

How much upgrade it is

Its pretty big as if loop 808 loops down words its set there but with this you can Change it.

Will I recommend it

Yes 10/10 but not to beginners. As a beginner will be too confused on where too set the key system. It took me 2 hours too set it. Too my preference.

And I wrote it from my heart its not a set format. Any suggestions. Or criticism?.

I’ll add pics later.