Yoyo display and storage rack

With my yoyo and spin top collection growing, I decided to design a custom rack for them. I wanted something a bit on the classy side (ya right, to match my arcade machines), so I fashioned it from hardwoods with a nice coat of stain and varnish. The racks alone hold about 36 good-sized yoyos. The base and top can be used as shelves, and there are brass hooks for strings and tools and rubber feet to protect surfaces (I think I can make a wall-mounted model too). I’m actually thinking of redesigning it later with some small drawers for parts when I have the time. This is a mediocre photo, I’ll try to post a better one later.


Very nice! I like it because you’ve made it yourself so it’s something you can really take pride in!

What’s that giant top? lol I’d like to see that thing in action! :smiley:

Thanks! Yep, that’s a Watt’s wooden top. I repainted the bottom half (left the top half yellow with his signature). I’m not too good with it yet, but working on it. I can at least land it a portion of the time without braining myself! :smile: