Yo-Yo Case/Pegboard/Holder Thing!

Alright I have to give props to Dr.Yoyo for coming up with this idea, I just modified it. :slight_smile: It probably cost about $15-$20, not bad for a good holder. This has just about everything yo-yo that I own on it. Has a red with gray and gray with red splash on it.

          The Front

 And the Back.  These are dowels and pencils used to hold the hairbands in place.

Nice! That looks really spiffy.

It works so well. I just made a really simple one cause I only had like $8 at the time, still perfectly fine. Holds all my yoyos.

Yours however, it Way cool. Love the splash in the bach, and the sting and parts compartments

Sweet idea man! Love the splash.

P.S. so you decided to go with ContaCaps? Cool!

I really lvoe how easy it is to get out, and I don’t have to go digging in my case anymore.

Ya, I should be able to sell them within the next couple weeks. Cross your fingers.

i will buy one

Please don’t bring up threads this old. Thanks!


how about you stay out of it thanks.

Red and Grey, eh?
Do we have a Buckeye here?

cool i want one!