yoyo design

This is just one of my many designs…
mighty flea sized Dv888! the big lip on the edge is not supposed to be there this one is not finished!
i make them with steel.
$20 if u want to buy look for an ad on buy sell trade section by mEEEEEE!

Hmmm… Steel? Must be quite heavy. How do these play? Any vibe? What response?

Considering the fact that this yo-yo is the size of the Mighty Flea, it won’t be that heavy. Heavy for the size, yes, but not heavy in general. The actual Mighty Flea is made out of steel too, as a matter of fact.

I don’t quite get it. You’ve made wooden prototypes and you are going to make steel versions? If that’s the case please contact YoyoExpert to see if they’d like to distribute it. The BST isn’t for direct sales.

Hmm. Isn’t the Flea plated brass?