New yoyo design, looking for assistance.

I’m nearing up on the final draft of the design here. This is a screenshot of the CAD file. Anyone want to invest?

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Looks good but what are the specs like it?

Basically the protostar but with an extra gram for stability.

Very innovative! Price?

So is it plastic or derlin?

Just an arm if you preorder.

Sounds like quite the bargain. Better jump on this people while supplies last.

Polycarbonate with derlin weight rings.

Ok, im gonna be a kill joy. When was the last time you posted anything useful? Your posts are all just mockery and pictures. I feel this is acually kind of offensive to those acaully doing a yoyo design, such as yomagic.

Im not saying my posts are great, butcan you please post something besides stuff that even i find kind of offensive. Its a yoyo forum, acually post yoyo related stuff.

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Well boys, let’s pack it up.

Will it be available in chair?

And how many HOY-EH’s are used?

For the record, I think your post are some of the best on the forum.

And I want to buy.

I will be releasing a chair-wood model if things go well. I’ll PM you if available.

We never sacrifice quality, and always squeeze in as many HOY-EH’s as we can into our yoyos. Generally 20-30.

For the record, seeing that picture made me laugh harder than what is probably acceptable xD

Buying it.


I’ll start carving right away. Time to dig out my potter’s wheel and exacto knife.

Just paypal me your arm and you’re good for payment.

My left hand, my right hand, or my other left hand?

My fellow arthropod, greetings! I did not realize you were one of us. I’ve been wanting another left hand recently, so if you don’t mind take your pick of one of those.