It looks good, will you be adding any rim weight to it?


I have tried it with o rings, which is why i cut out the side, so it can be added, but honestly enjoyed the light floatiness of it without. I really got to enjoy the smooth natural weight of the oak. With or without the weight, spin time is not at all compromised :wink:


It looks very good but please can you make on that is not highwalled, that would definitly make me want one very much.


I agree. A nice slope int the center would be great.

Weren’t you working on another solid wood yoyo with a wood axle? Seems you’re branching out. Might have to order a few just for the looks.


I think this looks like a cool yoyo that i would actually use.

(WildCat23) #7

Do you use a manual lathe or cnc?


How much would these cost?


Would the response be flowable?

(Sensei Dave) #10

How much? Why hasn’t anyone asked yet? Many of us have expressed a willingness to buy one.


Looks pretty sweet I would want one.


This one is just the proto, and im still working on making it with less vibe (the nature of wood is inconsistent) :wink: it is flowable silicone, and I would probably ask $35 for them once perfected. I am still working on a transparent sidecap with logo as well. Look for more pics soon.


If you make a highwalled version (what you have in the picture), then I would definitely buy one, because while I can yoyo responsive, not having to worry about super snappy response is a nice plus.

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Is it possible to see a short video of it playing? Just to see the proto in action. Let me tell you it is a work of art and would be a proud addition to any collection. Kudos!

(Edmeister) #15

I was hoping to do this.

I asked if I could do a review on it + a video so I may do a video of it.
I have no clue because he hasn’t shipped it yet.


man if you changed the shape to like a g5ish shape it would be cool, but i think that might be really hard. also if you make these could you do a custom shape? like hand drawn then created?


A lot of testing, trial and error, and prototyping go into my process, so it would be too dificult for me to take cutom orders based off of drawings :stuck_out_tongue:


i would love to buy one… especially if there is a low wall version

i just hit 600 posts… w00t


$40 Coming Soon :wink:


nice site

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