selling my own design

I custom make special yoyos. this month i made a mighty flea sized Dv888. if you buy it, it will be right off the lathe! i don’t use it it you order it! Uses a size c bearing even though its a very small yoyo, mighty flea string is reccommended, but you can use regular string on it.thin kitty string works fine but fat string just wont work. click on the photo link to see a little prototype/

this prototype is made of wood. the real thing is steel. the extra lip on the cap area is not supposed to be there. this design wasn’t done yet but it is now

they r $20 or best offer

Sounds interesting please put up a picture- I dont want to downlod anything.

you dont have to download it just choose open file its just a photo of the yoyo

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Your pictures are blurry. Do you have better? Try taking phots in better lighting.

Hmm. Interested to see a final product or a review. What I wonder is how the heck did you get a C-sized bearing in there

i use spacers.
btw i can put size a bearings in there but i dont have anymore

Can you give us the specs of the yo-yo, especially the weight? It looks interesting.