yoyo descision

Okay so i just won 560 bucks and i want to buy 4 yoyos tops with it and have like $390 left. I want only 1a and only yoyojam, clyw, and yyf. and i dont want to buy plastic ones like northstar and protostar, i’m gonna get those for xmas. and maybe a onedrop. i dunno anything good and at least $50. Pleeeease i need suggestions.

p.s. i already have DM II, revolution, atmosphere, genesis

Try out the Popstar ! It may be small, but after 2 minutes of throwing it, it’ll be so easy to land tricks. I love the popstar.

Dv888, Hitman Pro, and Dingo or if you want to try duncan buy the raptor. these are good yoyos for 1A

Dv888, Dark Magic II, and a gnarwhal or y factor. The last 2 are on my wish list.

Well, Yoyofactory yoyos i would suggest are Genesis, ROCKstar 2012, BOSS and Yuuksta.
CLYW yoyos i would recommend are Gnarwhal and Wooly Marmot and i’m not too into YYJ but i could recommend OneDrop 54 or Y-factor :slight_smile:

Why only those companies? SPYY Pro and SPYY Supra are excellent choices.

But if you do need to go with your preferences, I would say an OD 54. It has Side Effects for different weight, aluminum spikes for lighter feel or brass domes for a much heavier play.
I think you can exchange them with “stacks” like lego, as they are mentioned as RSM (Rotating Side Members).

Or if not, I recommend either the Wooly Marmot or Sasquatch. Those are famous CLYW yoyo’s and are pretty beast players.

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or maybey a new code1,

I agree. Get the Popstar.

you guys like a 25 dollar yoyo that much i might get it what do you like about it.

Just FYI, price does not tell the quality of a yoyo.