Good gift Yo?

Hey guys, me again! I was wondering what a good yoyo would be to ask for Xmas?

Gold Pure.

A cheaper line one, like 30-50 bucks

I would say whatever throw that looks good to you from 30-50 bucks.

new breed or atmosphere

Sense your not paying for it go experimental…

ex: Hm… I’ve never tried and (H-shaped/Undersized/siliconed ect) yoyo before… this would be a could time to try it out.


Get somthing new for a new style, Big-yo, Loop 720’s ect…

If you could go a bit over, Hectic or Dv888.

if not, Atmosphere or New Breed.

Protostar is a good pick.

How on earth could I forget this?

This also.

I also suggest the dark magic or the Plastic grind machine

What I always go for is a yoyo that i could usually not afford like a 888x or superstar.

Get a remnant…Those things look awesome!!! I’m going to get one. :wink:

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One Drop Dingo.

A YYJ? A mighty flea maybe… if I didn’t want so many yoyos I’d get one.

GET A Plastic Grind Machine 2 and I promise you will personally thank me for it

YYF ProtoStar

One of the best plastics I have ever used.

He said 30$-50$.

You could try a new shape like Paolo said.
Whenever I try a new shape, I first a YYJ in that shape, to find out if I really like it or not.
If not, no big loss, but if I do like it, I can always upgrade to a YYF of the same kind.

yeah try a new shape or size or style. if you want a metal, i recommend the M1 or dingo. i do think you just got a DM recently? if you did, you might want to try a new shape or size. maybe a new breed for you, or a speeder or something. if you want to try something all around new, look into the yyj synergy caps under the accessory section of this sight. you can also try mild modifications to your DM, like a ten ball bearing, or an AIGS (spelling) bearing. they are great. i believe the DM is a hybrid response, or a starburst and O ring? not sure, but if it is something like that, you could make a few modifications that you could find on the MOD section of the forum. you should look into everything and also anything else that seems to catch your eye.

you also should give us more info to help u. can u bind yet?