Yoyo comparisons

What do you like better?


anodized fireal>8mm premiumsplash horizon>palpitation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>raw fireal>shutter>10mm blackred horizon

what do you mean 8mm

Also is the shuta good?

dont know about the fireal, it seems to be pretty nice though. for the others, Palp is by far my favorite throw rn. Shutter is pretty nice for the price. and i have to say i hate the horizon for some reason, one of the few yoyos i just didnt want to play with for more than a few minutes :smiley: but other people seem to like it a lot

axle length
the 8mm ones is also about 0.3mm wider and 0.3g heavier than the cheap feeling 10mms

so you mean that anodized fireal is the best?