shutter, horizon, lava


So I’m probably gonna buy a new yoyo, and I’m planning to get one of the three. BTW, I’ve only thrown h-profile and full sized yoyos. Also, I want to fingerspin. I know that the horizon and shutter is good at fingerspins, but how about lava?
Lastly, does the paint and the laser printing wear off if I fingerspin bare handed?


Horizon is FAR better at fingerspins than the Shutter.

  1. It’s anodization, a process that chemically changes the outer layer of aluminium. It’s a part of the aluminum, really.
  2. It won’t come off easily at all :slight_smile:




How is the stability and speed compared to the shutter and other yotos in its price range such as YYO yoyos?


Thx :smiley: