Yoyo Case Cutouts

I found a good case for yoyos. I was gonna get a can and use that to cut holes but I found out about the 6-star cutout. Which one is better and more secure? Thanks!

Star is seemingly more flexible, but don’t overthink it. If making holes is easier and more accessible (tomato paste can… pretty easy and accessible!) then just do eeeet. Fits 90%+ of your yoyos. As long as the top and bottom of the case are “secure” (the yoyo cannot slip all the way out of the top or bottom), you don’t need an absolutely perfect fit.

Greg, I’m afraid you’re a little…hmmm, what’s a nice word for ‘wrong’? OH! Ill-informed. Yeah, you’re a little ill-informed.

Stars are at least 10x better (and easier) than circles.

Step 1! Get a sheet of foam.

Step 2! Get a star-shaped cookie cutter.

Step 3! Use a belt sander to get the edges of the cutter razor sharp.

Step 4! Place the foam sheet on pavement, place the cutter where you want the hole to be, and forcefully strike the cutter with a sledgehammer. Repeat until all holes are cut or until you’re recruited for railroad work.

Step 5! Drink a dozen raw eggs and comb your beard you manly man, you.

Actually (shocker), Greg’s right. You’ll spend way too much time cutting perfect star-shaped holes to be worth the effort compared to cylindrical holes. Though perhaps a cookie cutter may actually work…

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Stars beat circles. Stars grip yoyos. Circles just prevent yoyos from wobbling around. Starts can grip from small to small yoyos. Circles can only grip what’s larger than the circle, everything else is loose.

Get a 2.25" 6-point star biscuit cutter(Not cookie, they are not tall enough). You might need to buy a set though. Trust me, a quality set is a good thing to have. I have a circular set, but I intend to get a star set as well. I make cookies once in a while.

2 Inch medium to high density foam.

Then get a box cutter.

Measure your target cuts for spacing only.

Press the cutter into the foam. Cut around it with the angled blade from the box cutter, preferably while it’s still IN the box cutter(for safety).

Warning: For me, this wore out my hand fast. Even doing circles, I could only do 8 a day before my hands were just too cramped up. Your experience may vary.

The concept of using a sander of sorts or file to sharpen the edges to a razor finish is cool, but without a some sort of press and a suitable backing surface, I could see possible problems with the cut in general. However, if you can press hard enough, it should cut through and make a really nice clean star. I’m just not going to do it that way. This is mostly since I will also be using the cutters for food preparation as well. After cleaning, of course.