I’m about to put some foam in a case and make a yoyo holder out of it. What sizes holes should I make? and are there any other shapes that would be better than a circle? I’ve seen stars and stuff like that.

Use your yoyos as stencils.

Or tomato paste cans work very well to cut holes

Assuming the foam is pliable, make the holes slightly smaller than the yoyos. The holes will stretch a bit to accomodate the yoyo and then compress for a nice secure fit.

I didn’t have enough foam on hand so I used styrofoam which is rigid, and I found that a 2.25" hole accomodated almost all of my yoyos.

should have done that.

geeze. the foam i got was ridiculous to cut through to make holes. And I didn’t have a can to use either. I ended up just using scissors and it looks bad :frowning:

Another note to go along with that: dip the edge you are cutting with in a soapy solution and it will give you a cleaner cut.

Actually did not know that I plan on remaking my case over the weekend and I will try that.

Just dry the holes out before you put any yoyos in there.