making a case...

so ive decided that i am going to make a case, and i was wondering if its possible for all of the holes to be the same size, and fit an m1 snug, but not rip when something like a superstar goes in.

You’re going to have to make the hole a different shape then.

Like a star or triangle

Use more bouncy or flexible foam and not the foam that just can’t move. Because you can just cut an X shape with your knife, and then stick in a Fiesta snug. But of course, that won’t be ideal, and yes other shape would be better.

if i were to do like a triangle, how would i cut it?

Cut a triangle? Just cut a triangle like a circle. Maybe dip your knife in a soapy solution like soap water. Then the knife wont rip through the foam. Probably use logical reasoning to cut.

Theres a few ways actually.

You could take a cookie cutter and sharpen it (one thats a triangle of course ;))
You could take an xacto knife and cut threw the foam in a triangle pattern or any other sharp knife will probable work
And lastly you could fold the foam and cut half of the triangle pattern with scissors and when you open it there will be a full triangle.
The last way is also the hardest IMHO

Hope this helped

But ALWAYS remember, dip your cutter or the thing you use to cut in a soapy solution first. This will prevent ripping the foam and giving a smooth finish. Also, don’t try to cut back and forth like a saw because it will rip too.

ok thx guys, i think im just gonna try out circles and see how that works, i take some pics when im done. :wink:

I cut out a small circle and then cut straight lines coming out from it. Very similar to the shape of a “sun+rays”. I did this only using scissors since I didn’t have cookie cutters or anything.
\ | /
/ | \

like this but with the lines touching the circle.

I originally wanted to do a star shape, but since I didn’t have a perfect star anywhere, I used this.

That’s the shape I’m goin to use when my new case arrives