How do i make sure that my starburst yoyo will work?

This is my first post on these forums. I’m currently working on a one piece fixie yoyo and i’m not sure about starburst. i took one of my starburst yoyos and put a ruler above my yoyo and took a 4k photo and found that the distance between the starburst was 1.62 mm is this good or am I off. is there anyone i could email about it? Thanks!


Printed or machined? Plastic or wood? I’m not a maker, but from hanging out here for a while, I think it’s unusual to have a starburst on anything that isn’t injection molded.

Most of the handmade fixies I have use a drilled hole response.


Welcome to the forum that sounds like a fun project. Legend wing is just like roughly cut wood un-sanded on the inside (I think at least bc I haven’t broken it open yet, but I can feel it on the string and hear it). I kinda think using a homemade starburst for a fixie would work bc it’s like the same concept as the holes kind of but with less weight removed from around the center. I saw those holes for response and thought ooo that’s kind of a cute and novel way to push weight distro to the rims for a wood fixie. Dang writing this is making me want to make one lol!

I also don’t have any homemade wood yoyos and don’t really know what I’m talking about but this seems interesting and I’m glad you came here to ask this bc then I can hear what other ppl think also.

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These threads might have some useful info.


I’m planning on having it machined out of polycarbonate

I had a friend print this for me. I’ll let you know if the starbursts are any good once I get it in the mail.


Holy crap that’s awesome and I would buy both the kit and the STL files

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