Starburst Response in a Metal Throw

I’ve seen this once before, but I haven’t seen it since then. Anyone know of any metal throws with a starburst response system in it? Less maintenance with starburst response, so I’m curious… is it so bad that no one wants to put it in an expensive throw? Is it just way too responsive for the better throws, or more difficult to adjust to preferences? Just curious.

It costs more to machine a starburst response into aluminum and if it ever wears out you really can’t replace it. That’s why.

I see. I thought they’d always hold up, but I guess you play anything enough, it will wear out. Makes sense. The yoyo I saw it in had the starburst parts as a separate plastic piece, so when I took it apart, the plastic part was just removable.

The main reason is that a starburst response will not give tight enough binds and is an outdated response.

So when unresponsive play got popular, it was mostly phased out? Seems to be the case. I think the only starburst one I have other than that cheap metal one is the FAST 201. I’ll have to think on it though.

Starburst does give tight binds what are you talking about? It is outdated in terms of modern 1A but it’s still prefered for 2A by most people. Only problem with metal starburst systems is that it’s difficult and costly to machine and if they ever get jacked up or wear out you can’t replace them.

In fact I used elmers glue in my duncan metal drifter to form a makeshift inverted starbust system using toothpicks as mold. It’s un-responsive and lasts forever; thing is though you can hear and feel the string rubbing against the starburst.

You really don’t know anything. The kind of starburst response in your Drifter is completely different, it’s very inefficient. For a regular starburst response to actually have tight binds, the gap would have to be pretty narrow, otherwise, the string will constantly rub against the starburst, possibly creating a vibe and fraying the string quicker. Starburst response on a plastic yoyo is softer than on aluminum. Also, unless you have the intent to sand off the starburst, it will never wear out on a metal yoyo. Most people would prefer a metal yoyo to be unresponsive. 2a is different, starburst response is very responsive on a yoyo with a narrow gap, so it’s the best choice for looping yoyos. Put two halves of a Kickside together, both starburst, and adjust the gap to at least 4mm, then tell me you still get perfect, tight binds. The price of machining the starburst isn’t the only reason there aren’t any metal yoyos not using it.

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only metal-starburst yoyo that springs to mind is the came-yo mondial. it’s not too good, though the gap device is pretty nifty.

obviously some of the older yyf’s had adjustable/active plastic starburst, but that’s different.

Cool pic of the mondial…starburst is built in. This is a pic of that cheapie metal with the removable starburst response. I took one half apart so you can see better. Removable, but not replaceable, unless you buy another yoyo. I had to turn the flash off the camera so you can see good. Click thumbnail for a bigger image:

401k anyone?

Hmmm…I googled that one, looks interesting. Are they still being sold? If not, anyone know the reason why? How well did it do?

No but the Speed dial is similar and plays great! My beginner friend bought one and it goes responsive/UNresponsive they are sold here

i have no idea why they stopped selling it, but i like mine ALOT.

I saw a package of two of these at Ross for $10 around Christmas. It said “titanium Yoyo” so I was interested and took it out of the package to play with it. It played worse than a low end Duncan in my opinion. So I repackaged it an put it back on the shelf. The plastic starburt on it was annoying.

lol. I bought mine online at one of the very popular shopping sites. It has the name of an American toy company on it, but manufactured in Hong Kong. Not advertised as titanium though. These are a hit or miss. I had two, one played like crap, but the one in the photo plays great, so I still have it,…go figure. With the cheapies, you get what you pay for, but once in a while you luck out.

I thought that was the yyf whistler, looks like the same guts in the same yoyo with out holes in it.

That is a very cheap Stamped stainless yoyo. VERY cheap…

Starburst response can tend to be snaggy and unreliable on wider, 1A throws.

I actually love YYJ’s hybrid response (one half O-ring, one half starburst), but you do have to get the “feel” for it.

My guess is that these days, when everyone wants a yoyo to be unresponsive, spin for 10mins and be super smooth straight out the box, Starburst just wouldn’t be popular when everything else has super smooth recessed silicone response.

What are you talking about?

Also, the 401K was only really good after you put dif pads on top the starburst. If I remember right, just plain starbust on the 410K would cause much snagging on multi-layer string tricks.

I never took the whistler apart before, but I have one, so I took it apart…and he’s RIGHT. That whistler is cheap too, at about $18. It’s not as cheap as the other one, but cheap. I play with that one too, just couldn’t remember what the guts looked like. That starburst response is removable, but interchangeable with a pad response. Check the pic.