Starburst Response in a Metal Throw

That’s due to the small gap, and possibly if you had the rubber shuttles installed.

YoYoFactory Adjust-O-Matic

Seriously under-rated Yo-Yo too!

A few of the red left.

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Ah Ha!  Thank you.

Adjust o matic used in this video.  It was full starburst response and worked great, although moved a bit slow on the string for my taste. 

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Anyone else thought of the fact that a starburst metal can cut string. real hazard, even the simple ones in loopers wear out string fast.

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YYE customer service recommended that one to me along with some nice YYJ stuff.  I ordered all of the the ones recommended but that one, due to the price at the time, and I wasn’t keen on the red color they had left in stock, but I forgot to go back and check it out.  Thanks for posting the vid.  It looks like a good throw to me. I think it’s next on my list.

i love the cat in the background.